The Stop Being Stuck Breakthrough
Discover The Root of Your Challenges, Change Unhealthy Behaviour Patterns & Unmask Your Pretender
What exactly is keeping you stuck right now? What behaviours prevent you from achieving your full potential professionally and truly showing up in relationships? What more could you achieve if you weren’t struggling with self-doubt, self-criticism and people-pleasing?

That’s what you’ll discover in The Stop Being Stuck Breakthrough.

Whether you’re an Executive Leader suffering from burnout and perfectionism, an entrepreneur battling with imposter syndrome or a professional that’s struggling to break the glass ceiling in your career, I can help you to find the root cause of your problems and create instant, real and lasting change.

If you’re ready to do the work - to dig deep into what’s really holding you back and make huge and permanent shifts in all areas of your life - then The Stop Being Stuck Breakthrough is for you.

What Is The Stop Being Stuck Breakthrough

The Stop Being Stuck Breakthrough program is a crucial and non-negotiable step in our coaching journey together. One that everyone I work with must complete. Why? Because The Breakthrough helps you to make massive progress fast, unpicking some of the core limiting beliefs and behaviours that are holding you back, and giving you greater clarity on your goals and a deeper understanding of yourself.

It’s the first step in shifting your mindset and unlocking the real you.

The Stop Being Stuck Breakthrough is a two-week intensive program designed to get under the skin of what’s stopping you. We’ll delve deep, embrace vulnerability and honesty, and do the work that will help you to unmask your pretender, tackle unhelpful behaviours and understand who you are at your worst, so you can become the authentic version of you.

This programme is renowned for creating space for change in your life, setting you up for the continued success you deserve.

What To Expect From Your Breakthrough
Uncover The Root Of Your Problems
Together we’ll dig deep, using therapeutic modalities and unflinching honesty to get to the root of the issues that are keeping you from achieving your goals.
Heal Subconsciously
Unknowingly, you’ve adopted unhelpful behaviour patterns and beliefs about the world, yourself and your own abilities. We’ll do the work to eliminate the trauma or change the conditioning hidden within your mind.
Find Clarity For Your Life
The next step can seem like a blurry afterthought when you’re struggling with pressure and exhaustion in the present. We’ll find the perspective you need to get unstuck for good and help you move with clarity towards your goals.

Angela changed my life. I was at a stage in my career where I needed clarity on what makes me happy and where to go next. She helped me peel the onion on some deep routed limitations I had imposed on myself and unblocked a completely new perspective on life. Since then, she has continued to support me in many other ways and I know even though we have concluded our sessions for now, I have a life-long supporter in her. She is an amazing life coach and I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you Angela for helping me find my true self!

Prerna Goel

I have recently been on a breakthrough journey with Angela. What can I say. I feel like I have become the me who was there all along, before all the life stuff got in the way. I have honestly never felt so free from the things that I have been through. It’s like the clouds have lifted and I can finally see where I’m going. I will be forever grateful for the way Angela has helped and supported me.The safe space she has expertly held for me has changed my life. No question. I will cherish this experience forever.

Haley Heath

Even though it is sometime since I had my stop being stuck coaching session with Angela I am still seeing the benefits from a personal as well as professional angle. Her insight is amazing – she has a talent for shining a light on areas that you may not have realised were holding you back.

Susie Norman

5 stars, or a review can’t truly reflect the value and the experience of a live session.
Not only I can see the difference, but the people around me can notice it aswell, and that’s a win in my book.
Between the moment I entered your office and the moment I left, something changed.
It wasn’t clear straight away, but when everything settled, I realised my mindset has changed, my perspective, my energy, my drive, everything took a turn in order to help me achieve my goals and for that I have to say THANK YOU

Alex Lupu
How Does The Stop Being Stuck Breakthrough Work?
The Stop Being Stuck Breakthrough is a two-week programme that can be completed either in person in Chichester or London, or via video call. It consists of three parts;
To make sure you get the most out of your session with me, I ask you to prepare a single page ahead of time. On this page, I’ll ask you to write a ‘good, bad and ugly’ list for me, going over the events in your life that have moulded or scarred you. This way, we can dive right in when we first meet without delay.
Your Breakthrough Session
This is an intensive, half-day session working one to one with me. We’ll dig deep into the core of your problems, behaviours, traumas and beliefs, to break down the barriers, get at the truth and give you the huge breakthrough that you’ve been looking for.
Your Follow-Up Session
Two weeks after your Breakthrough session, we’ll connect again via video call to discuss your progress and create a clear and practical strategy that will help you to keep your momentum going and give you an actionable plan moving forwards.
Your Tasks In-Between
You will be working on improving your self-value and building resilience with specific tasks that take a few minutes each day.
WhatsApp Support
I work closely with you throughout your Breakthrough programme, so you can contact me via Whatsapp between your sessions with any questions or to discuss any revelations you have.
Get The Breakthrough You’ve Been Searching For…

You’ve likely already read the self-help books, listened to the motivational speakers and followed the latest productivity trends, but none of these things can come close to what you’ll experience in The Breakthrough.

Over the past 15 years, working with thousands of professionals, entrepreneurs and CEOs, I’ve discovered that the best way to create real change for people is to get stuck in with a focused session where we can dig deep into your past, present and future and unlock the full potential of you.

I know how it feels to tread water, thinking you’ve tried everything, but we both know you’re capable of much more.

This programme is the catalyst for change, the leap that will help you make that breakthrough you need in order to achieve more happiness and success in all areas of your life.

You’ve made it this far, and you should be proud of what you’ve done while dealing with limiting beliefs, but deep down, you know you can do - and be - more. I’m here to guide you through a fundamental shift in your behaviours and thoughts, getting you the breakthrough that will catapult you forward towards your goals.

How To Get Started

The investment for your Stop Being Stuck Breakthrough program is £1850+VAT. You can pay in one payment or break it into two payments.

As I don’t offer sessions by the hour, the Stop Being Stuck Breakthrough programme is the best and only way to get started with me on your transformative coaching. Your Stop Being Stuck Breakthrough will leave you astounded by your inner depth, bravely proactive and ready to live the life you always thought was a pipe dream.

My rates outside of your budget? You can work with one of my highly trained associates. Get in touch and we can match you.

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