Coaching For Organisations
Inspire Your Teams, Build Trust Within Your Organisation & Help Your People To Fulfil Their Full Potential
Every good leader knows that the secret to success is empowering your people.

Empowered people work together, innovate and move organisations forward towards incredible success. But what if your team isn’t quite working together? What if your people lack confidence, struggle to see or need a little support to break through the mindset barriers that are holding them back?

That’s where coaching can help. As a Master Coach, I offer workshops, leadership retreats and keynote speeches that have inspired, empowered and supported people all over the world.

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Trusted by organisations to develop their people
Are you a leader in your organisation? With team workshops, leadership retreats and transformational keynote speaking, you can start taking positive action toward your common goals…
Masterclasses are a great way to support whole teams as they make huge change and develop the skills needed to reach their full potential. Whether you want to promote trust within your team and see how they might be getting in each other’s way, or you want to help your people to access their full potential and become more productive, then these masterclasses are the best way to thrive professionally and personally.
Some of the masterclasses I can provide include…
Courage and Confidence
This is a 5-hour workshop style masterclass aimed at leaders to help them develop true confidence and silence their inner critic.
Building your Self-Value Baseline
This is a 90-minute virtual session designed to help your people see their true value & the ways they make a difference.
Escaping The Imposter
This is a 90-minute virtual session to tackle the root cause of imposter syndrome, freeing your mind to focus on what you’re capable of.
Silencing the Inner-Critic
This is a 90-minute virtual session teaching my STARS model for reframing negative thoughts, giving your team a stronger footing for managing their mindset.
The Leadership Retreat

Leadership retreats are the best way to achieve transformation in the people that lead your organisation. But the experience needs to be built on trust if you want to see real results. That’s what I offer at my exclusive leadership retreats.

If hybrid working or changes in your organisation’s culture is putting pressure on leaders and leaving them micromanaging and exhausted, I can help. I demonstrate how their authenticity is being stifled and how they can lead like a confident human instead of a burnt-out robot.

My retreats are designed for progressive leadership teams who are ready to be challenged in order to grow and leave their ego at the door. Each individual will get a 1:1 coaching opportunity with me before we dig in together.

Location: Your venue or ours
Length: 1 to 3 days
Minimum Attendees: 6
Maximum Attendees: 12

Prices are available on request, so get in touch to organise your leadership retreat with me.

In all my years of attending sessions and workshops, I can confidently say that this was one of the best. Angela’s expertise and passion were evident in every word. I left the session feeling enriched and inspired, with some great new perspectives.

Darren Window, HR Leader

Angela is an exceptional coach, her support in shaping my leadership team and helping individuals identify their true selves was a marvel to watch and experience. I had a relatively junior team which had lots of desire but little experience, Angela’s ability to help the team reflect and increase self-awareness has been the core building block for our success.

Ian Elsbury, Group MD, ROCK

Angela provided an absolutely excellent leadership seminar for myself and several colleagues which was hugely beneficial and well received all around. Many thanks for your dedication Angela!

Andy Murtagh, Senior Leader

Angela recently supported us with a women’s event that we hosted (The Clancy Group). It was a pleasure to work with Angela both before and during the event. Angela’s positivity, warmth and compassion is infectious and inspiring. The feedback we received from participants was excellent and we look forward to working with her again in the future.

Phillipa Butson, Senior Leader- The Clancy Group
Coach Training For Your Leaders & Coaches

Develop your team and give them the skills they need to bring the best out of your people with my groundbreaking coach training program, Paseda360.

Built on my own experience, including over 700 hours of skill development and more than £120,000 worth of specialist training, Paseda360 is the ONLY coach training covering the entire coaching spectrum.

If you’re a leader or coach inspired to improve your knowledge to help your team or clients better, then Paseda360 is for you. You can utilise neuroscientific approaches with empathic perspectives to deliver astonishing and inspiring results for your people.

Visit the Paseda360 website to learn more…

Paseda360 Coach Training
Inspire Your Organisation With Heartfelt Keynote Speaking

I’ve delivered dozens of keynotes for companies worldwide, and my audience is always left with a sense of forward movement and revelation. If your team needs to pull together and overcome the challenges holding your organisation back, I can connect and guide you through vulnerable stories and purposeful words.

The messages I’ve most recently engaged audiences with include…

Rising Strong at the Weakest Moment
This discussion engages your audience with the concept of finding inner confidence at the hardest of times. I tell my personal story of holding it all together when my husband suffered a serious brain injury.
Unmasking the Pretender
This discussion with your people is to help them understand they can be brilliant by being themselves. I tell my own story of being a pretender in my corporate career and the price I paid for that.
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