Cultivating Gratitude – The Key to Happiness During Uncertain Times
Let’s discover the transformative power of gratitude in navigating uncertainty & embracing change. Unlock happiness with practical strategies & insights....
Are you overworking?
The risk of Burnout is increasing as overworking rockets. It seems over-working is a definite thing for professionals and executive leaders. And according to the poll I ran last week...
How Do I Get Sh*t Done?
A little while ago, I was walking up the steps accepting my award for ‘Getting Sh*t Done’ from Jimmy Carr, at the National Entrepreneur Awards, by the Entrepreneurs Circle. It...
How can I trust myself?
Do you ever feel like you’re pretending your way through life? Like you have to wear a mask to get through certain situations? That you must put on a particular...
How do I determine my personal values?
What are your personal values? Accountability? Compassion? Loyalty? Our personal values are shaped by the way we were raised, our past experiences, and the people we look up to. Our...
Why everyone needs a mindset coach 
Imagine being the best version of yourself in every moment. Imagine no longer having to wear a mask and pretend but rather getting to be your true, authentic self. Imagine...
What is self-belief, and how do I build it?
Have you ever watched a child attempt a task and see them do it with so much motivation, conviction, and confidence? They seem to have this innate belief that they...
How do I be my best self?
Deep down inside, every one of us has the desire to be the best version of ourselves. All kinds of societal pressures also tell us we need to be perfect....
How do I stop worrying about things I can’t control?
We all want to live life with as little stress and anxiety as possible. Yes, stress can be channelled into productivity and energy, but it is bad for us in...
Why am I always people pleasing?
Why am I always people pleasing, and how can I stop it? Do you ever find yourself wanting to say ‘no’ but deciding you simply can’t because it would make...
How Can I build new habits?
August life lesson Every month I host a goal setting workshop with my members in the Project Me Academy. I was starting to bore myself taking about my long-term goals...
Why am I Afraid of Failing?
As an old colleague of mine when faced with a challenge used to say, ‘Wow, this bugger has teeth’, and in the case of the fear of the outcome, he...
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