It’s NOT Alright for Men – Addressing the Unique Challenges Men Face Today
Explore men’s emotional support and coaching options. Learn how to provide help for men, acknowledge challenges, and foster open communication and growth....
How can I be more Accountable?
After spending a lifetime on a diet and yet a lifetime overweight, things finally changed for me when I started to do two things with rigour and purpose....
How do I avoid Procrastination?
Procrastination is the thief of progress and it’s also one of the biggest contributors to failure alongside indecision. So perhaps it’s time to step away from procrastination and make ‘getting...
How can I stop fearing failure?
How to foster a growth mindset and overcome the fear of making a mistake...
Co-Dependency – How to spot the signs and set boundaries
In a co-dependent relationship we become consumed with pleasing our partner, supporting our partner, perhaps even ‘fixing’ our partner. We may plan our days, weeks, months around them, without stopping...
Why Is It Difficult to Trust?
Trust is an integral component of every relationship....
Cultivating Gratitude – The Key to Happiness During Uncertain Times
Let’s discover the transformative power of gratitude in navigating uncertainty & embracing change. Unlock happiness with practical strategies & insights....
Are you overworking?
The risk of Burnout is increasing as overworking rockets. It seems over-working is a definite thing for professionals and executive leaders. And according to the poll I ran last week...
How Do I Get Sh*t Done?
A little while ago, I was walking up the steps accepting my award for ‘Getting Sh*t Done’ from Jimmy Carr, at the National Entrepreneur Awards, by the Entrepreneurs Circle. It...
How can I trust myself?
Do you ever feel like you’re pretending your way through life? Like you have to wear a mask to get through certain situations? That you must put on a particular...
How do I determine my personal values?
What are your personal values? Accountability? Compassion? Loyalty? Our personal values are shaped by the way we were raised, our past experiences, and the people we look up to. Our...
Why everyone needs a mindset coach 
Imagine being the best version of yourself in every moment. Imagine no longer having to wear a mask and pretend but rather getting to be your true, authentic self. Imagine...
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