How Do I Get Sh*t Done?

By Angela Cox

A little while ago, I was walking up the steps accepting my award for ‘Getting Sh*t Done’ from Jimmy Carr, at the National Entrepreneur Awards, by the Entrepreneurs Circle. It was a fantastic experience, and as one of my clients said, “If there was ever an award that summed up your approach to life, it’s the ‘getting sh*t done one.

It was a surreal experience, but it also was a great reflection of one of the first questions new clients often ask me: “But HOW do I get sh*t done?” Well, let me tell you…

Stop Thinking That You Have to Multitask

In the last decade or two, the term ‘multitasking’ became the ‘big thing.’ People were praised for it, and it gave the illusion that concentrating on several things at once was better than just doing one thing well.

But the truth is, giving one thing your full attention is more efficient than focusing on multiple items. Even if it’s just for half an hour, an hour, or ten minutes. Being laser focused allows you to give that one thing, your best productivity and energy, before you move on.

After all, is it not better to have completed one thing well than to do a half-job on multiple items?

A trick that I often do is put an alarm on my phone. This allows me to concentrate for an amount of time without being distracted.

Creating a Plan That Works for Your Life

A larger picture of this is my 90 days priority plan which has up to five objectives, both professionally and personally. I work out my tactical steps for the first 15 days within this plan. Afterwards, this becomes the working plan that I visit daily. As I get through the first half, I add the next 15 steps closer to the time.

I like to work out tactical steps rather than to-do lists, as lists can often feel overwhelming, causing stress and unnecessary urgency in one’s life.

By using a strategic approach, I can take elements from my plan and pop them into my everyday diary, leaving extra time for life. I then have the knowledge that I am working towards my goals without feeling the pressure of ticking boxes.

Make Appointments with Yourself

If you don’t do this already, it might feel a bit odd the first time. But it is so important to schedule time for items that are important to you. These can be self-care related or exercise-orientated. It can also be a moment to just be and take a breath. I treat these appointments with myself with the utmost respect and importance.

It’s the Little Things

There are smaller tasks that you can do daily that make a huge difference in enabling you to get sh*t done—for example, relying on other people to do things you can’t. Letting go and doing this means that I get to concentrate on things that I can do. I also limit procrastinating rabbit holes like social media and TV.

To the Big Thing

But the biggest thing I do is to understand my preferences. I love strategy, and I’m not too fond of the nitty-grit. So, I create environments that are conducive to my way of achieving my goals and limit items that will distract me. It’s personal, and it works for me. The best thing you can do is to work out what your preferences are, as we are not all the same.

Acknowledge the Wins

If you have a win in your life, like getting a new client, a successful project up and running, or maybe, winning an award from the Entrepreneurs Circle, just for example, then shout it out. Share the win.

Acknowledging these successes, small or large, will give you a sense of achievement and mark points when you look back. After all, it’s all part of your journey and getting your sh*t done.

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