How Do I Improve My Confidence?

By Angela Cox

Confidence can be best-described as trusting your judgment, abilities, and qualities. It can also be situation-specific. It is possible that you might feel confident in a certain area and less insecure in another. According to research, confidence is essential for leading a happy and healthy life. When you are confident, you will be able to lead a more successful life, whether at home or work. You might think of some people who you consider confident and how they are able to achieve more.

As confidence plays a huge role in your ability to pursue goals, you have to find out how you can gain more confidence. There was a time when I used to struggle practicing things that I liked, such as HIIT workouts as I worried too much about how I presented myself in front of others. Having confidence in yourself is an amazing feeling. To help you improve your confidence, I want to share everything I know so that you can bring about change in your life.

Why You Need to Gain More Confidence

To develop a drive to work on your confidence, you need to know more about its positive effects.

  • Resilience: When you believe in yourself, you get to improve your resilience and have an easier time bouncing back from any adversity or a challenge that life throws your way.
  • Being Open-Minded: Anyone who believes in themselves has no trouble trying out new things, whether it be signing up for an evening class or applying for a promotion. This allows you to enjoy life to the fullest.
  • Healthier Relationships: Self-confidence also has a positive impact on your relationships. It enables you to establish healthier relationships. Besides, it empowers you to walk away from people who do not value you.
  • Better Performance: Instead of wasting your energy and time stressing about not being good enough, you would be able to devote your time to doing more.

Top Tips to Become More Confident

To increase confidence, there are plenty of things that you can do. The following tips will boost your confidence in no time.

  1. Never Compare Yourself to Others
    One of the best tips that I remind myself about all the time is not to compare myself to others. It will help free you up. Now, you might find yourself spending a great deal of time looking up pictures of your friends on social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok.
    Maybe, you have a tendency to compare the income of a friend. Although it is natural to compare yourself with others, it only does you more harm than good. You need to get rid of the habit for good.
    According to a study conducted in 2018, it was found that envy has a direct impact on how you feel about yourself. Researchers concluded that people who compare themselves to others tend to experience jealousy, and the more envious they are, the worse they feel about themselves.
    You are likely to wonder how you can build confidence when you spend most of your time comparing yourself to others. It is important that you keep reminding yourself that comparison is never helpful. Everyone has their own race to run, and life should not be a competition.
    If you cannot help yourself from feeling envious of others, you should focus on your successes and strengths. A great way to beat envy is by being grateful. A gratitude journal is just what you need to think about in your own life.
  2. Stick to Positive People
    The next thing that you need to do is look at your friend group and how each person makes you feel. Do you feel empowered or insecure when you spend time with your friends? Do they have a tendency to judge you, or are they accepting of you? The type of people you interact with has a huge impact on your attitude and even the thoughts you have. Pay attention to how you feel around each friend.
    If you start to feel bad about yourself around certain people, it is about time that you called it quits. Instead, you should only befriend people who have your best interest at heart and truly love you. Focus on finding friends who are uplifting as they would help you become more confident. The fact is that you are likely to feel confident when you are around positive people.
  3. Look after Your Body:
    If you abuse your body, you will be unable to feel good about yourself. Practice self-care to develop a positive mind. It will also have a positive effect on your soul and body. You would notice an improvement in your confidence level. The following self-care practices will help make a difference.
    • Sleep: Never skimp on your sleep as it would affect your emotions. Getting sufficient sleep every night will ensure that you remain positive and feel good about yourself.
    • Meditation: Boost your self-confidence with some mediation. It is an amazing relaxation practice that will keep your mind at ease and help you accept yourself. It counters negative self-talk and provides clarity which is essential for gaining confidence.
    • Exercise: Try to work out as when you can to improve your self-confidence. Physical activity has a positive impact on your body image, which ensures that you feel more confident.
    • Diet: Since you are what you eat, you need to have a good diet. The food you eat provides fuel to your body.
  4. Be Kind to Yourself
    To improve your confidence, you need to care for yourself. A bit of self-compassion goes a long way. It ensures that you allow yourself to feel good, which helps lift your spirit. Always be kind to yourself. Whenever you make a mistake or fail, you have to be emotionally flexible to navigate difficult emotions. It is the only way that you can connect better with yourself. Self-compassion is directly linked to self-confidence, which is why you have to accept that you are a human and that you have your flaws.
  5. Positive Self-Talk
    Take things one step further by practicing positive self-talk. Unlike negative self-talk, which reduces your confidence by convincing your subconscious that you cannot do something, positive self-talk enables you to overcome all types of challenges, including self-doubt. If you find yourself thinking that your opinion does not matter, you must remind yourself that everyone loves you. The following are some things that I usually do to overcome pessimistic self-talk.
    • I say “I can handle it” or “I have got this” whenever I find myself thinking that something is impossible.
    • I always remind myself that I can do a lot better the next time when I make a mistake or am unable to get things done.
    • I never allow myself to believe that I hate doing something that I want to improve. Instead, I tell myself that I am amazing at it.
  6. Face Your Fears
    Fear kills more dreams than action. It is crucial that you stop procrastinating if you do not feel confident enough. Whether you want to apply for that promotion or ask someone out on a date, you have to face your fears to gain confidence. Always remember that there is nothing that you cannot do. As long as you put in the effort, you will see the results that you desire. Besides, you will come to respect yourself a lot more, which will boost your self-confidence.
    Since a lack of confidence prevents you from facing your fears, you need to confuse yourself and do the opposite. Face your fears even though you might not be confident. Try it anyway, even if you feel embarrassed. Let yourself know that it is simply an experiment and that it would be fun to give it a go. Eventually, you will realize that it was all worth it. The more fears you conquer, the more confidence you will feel.
  7. Adopt the Qualities of a Confident Person
    To become more confident, you need to embody the qualities of a confident person.
    • Decisiveness
    • Thinking positively
    • Admitting mistakes
    • Staying open-minded
    • Able to laugh at oneself
    • Accepting responsibility
    • Willing to take risks head-on
    • Celebrating other people’s success
    • Continuously learning and growing


Everyone experiences confidence issues from time to time. However, you cannot let them get to you. There are plenty of things that must try out to become more confident. By learning how to be more confident, you can feel a lot better.
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